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Moving and traveling is pretty much all Ahsoka does nowadays. Sure, she meets people; helping those taken advantage of by the Empire, trading information with those who either have it to sell or can use it to the best advantage against the Empire, or bringing in those who are ready to fight more actively. She's helped to built the back bone of Rebel intelligence and spread the codename of Fulcrum across the galaxy.

And she is very much alone.

She doesn't know why that is. Okay, that's not quite true. She knows people. She interacts with people. But she leaves them and they know nothing about her once she's gone.

(The faces of Nix and Kaeden Larte swim to her inner eye and just as quickly fade away.)

Sighing, Ahsoka shakes her head and heads towards the canteen of this small rebel base. She only has a few hours until she needs to fly out and it's always a good idea to eat or sleep when you can. She can ruminate on the past during hyperspace when she can't do anything else.

It's while absently chewing on whatever rations the cooks have scrounged that she recognizes a distinctive flavor, a sauce which brings to mind an old friend form Milliways. She looks up, hopeful, to see if the man she'd met so long ago, at least for her, was still around.
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The Jedi do not form attachments; they are for the galaxy, not individuals. This is one of the very first rules initiates learn. Within the Temple this is easy to understand; out in the galaxy, less so.

Ahsoka is contemplating this as she enters. They've got the Separatists secret weapon, a gargantuan heavy cruiser, on the run and nearly destroyed, but now there is a complication. From out of nowhere, a senator's ship entered the fray and was captured. The senator, one Padmé Amidala, was captured and now both Anakin and Master Obi-Wan are on their way to rescue her. Not unusual in of itself, but their reactions to the news had been...odd.

Master Kenobi was concerned, she could feel that much through the Force, but maintained the detached air practiced by most jedi.

Her master, Anakin, on the other hand, reacted quite differently. His concern was much more potent, perhaps even panicked. And he didn't even try for the confident detachment he usually wore, but acted more as when a battalion of battledriods were breaking through their lines.

So which reaction was the truer one?
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[OOM: You will have to strike me down if this is the path you choose. Note, this is pure millicanon and likely to get contradicted by canon soon enough.]

The Front Door opens and there is a figure in a blue nimbus which quickly fades into a corporeal body. Ahsoka smiles to find Milliways. It will be good to see old friends, and perhaps one very specific face. She doesn't begrudge her old master for not having time for her, she has her own things to do out in the galaxy--old students to check up on--but she still misses him and appreciates the time they can find to spend together.


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She awoke to deaths. She could feel them, the terror and fear. The pain. And then, gone. For a confused moment, she was back at the end of the Clone Wars, when in one moment the Jedi Order was snuffed out. Panicked, she sat up, fearful of Rex's safety. And Anakin. And Obi-Wan. Were they safe or were they among those that were dying. Padme! Gasping, she blinked a few times, confused and not recognizing where she was until her mind caught up to her situation.

It was not the end of the Republic and the Order. It was decades past the fall of the Empire. She was at the new Order, Luke's Order. But what was happening? She got out of bed and grabbed a robe to throw about herself. The pain and cries were growing and, for the first time in decades, she wished she had her lightsabers.

In the hallway, a pair ran past her. A girl and an adult. Swayed by the growing feel of the Dark Side, she motioned them to keep running while she turned to face it. She didn't recognize it's feel, but was relieved to feel it wasn't Vader. No, Vader was gone. Focus.

She opened herself to the Force and felt the dregs of sleep and old age leave her. She had to save whom she could. She had to stop whoever was attacking.

She found no one else but did find the path of their attacker. A flash of vision from the Force showed her where she needed to be and so she planted herself at the location; a doorway that lead to the hanger. She could feel the threat coming, the fear rolling before him like tidal waves. She sat quietly in meditation.

"You block the path to my destiny," he said, his voice deep, rich, and calm. "Move."

Despite her trace, a stab of pain hit her as she recognized the voice. One of their own students. Leia's son and Anakin's grandson. "I will not. You will have to strike me down if this is the path you choose."

"Very well."

Ahsoka stood and let go of everything; weariness, sadness, hope, fear, anger, the past, the future, life.

As she lay there dying, she could hear the whine of the starship leaving the hanger and, then, the atmosphere. Kylo screamed his frustration.

Her last act was to smile. The child made it.

As light left her eyes, she saw the white convor...and awoke in death.
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“What happens is he says ‘I’m not gonna leave you on this mission unprotected.’ And these hanger doors open up and reveals all these clones standing there from half of the 501st. And they’re all now wearing orange helmets and orange striped helmets like her. And Rex is there, and Anakin has given Rex’s command unit to Ahsoka to go and attack Mandalore with Bo-Katan to take back the planet.”

On Ilum

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It was kriffing cold. So cold, Ahsoka's montrails were aching despite the thermal gear she was wearing, hood and all. And the biting wind didn't help either. It tore at her jacket and echoed in her head. So cold even flexing her finger and subtlety stomping her feet didn't bring any feeling back to them.

And Master Yoda was talking. She should likely be paying attention. "Important this day is. Your first lightsaber crystals you may find, yes?"

Master Plo nodded and gave them further details, his voice buzzing through his breathing apparatus. Likely dangers and, most importantly, how much time they had before the kyber crystal cavern's entrance would ice over again, trapping any who didn't make it back outside for several rotations.

Then it was time to enter. She entered with the other remaining members of her initiate class, the Clawmouse clan. She was the oldest of them and was beginning to worry that no jedi would ever take her on as a padawan learner.

"Wake up, Tano," Dax hissed as she walked by, jostling Ahsoka's shoulder. A human girl from Corsucant and four years her junior, Dax was convinced Ahsoka had outstayed her welcome at the Temple and should just accept a lesser position, like a Temple groundskeeper. A belief she wasn't shy about sharing with Ahsoka or any of the other initiates that would listen. "The ice isn't going to wait."

"Perhaps we should stay together. Pool our resources." Suggested Mi-shall, a cerean girl who was younger than Ahsoka as well. All three paused and stared into the dark caves before them. Ahsoka nodded agreement while Dax scoffed but stayed with the other two as they entered. They wandered, not quite sure how to search for the crystals, but quickly discovering the tunnels were maze-like. The other two seemed to not care, but Ahsoka decided marking their paths might not be a bad idea and so she searched about for a rock or piece of permafrost. Which was harder than she thought with how dim the light was. Finally she knelt down and felt with her hands until she found a piece which scratched the floor without breaking.

And of course when she stood back up she saw the other two hadn't waited for her.

Running and trying to fight down her annoyance, she found them after two bends. Dax seemed to have found her crystal first, if her struggling to get around a large boulder to another tunnel and the soft glow from within the tunnel was anything to go by. Mi-shall stood watching, as if Dax were something interesting she didn't understand. Dax eventually gave up and pulled back with a scowl, before she schooled her features to peace and tried to move the boulder with the Force. The boulder shifted but was too much for Dax.

Not hesitating, Ahsoka called out, "Let me help," and added her own push with the Force, before Dax could respond. The boulder shifted and Dax almost called out a thanks, but then the ceiling of the tunnel (which the boulder had been holding up) collapsed. Rounding on Ahsoka, Dax spat out, "Look what you did! Now I have to find another way into that cavern! Uggg. Next time you want to help? DON'T!!!" before storming off.

Mi-shall turned her curious gaze to Ahsoka and blinked. "I was just trying to help," Ahsoka muttered in reply before sighing.

"Well, perhaps you should wait for acceptance?"

"I guess. Let's keep looking."

They continued for what felt like hours, getting deeper and deeper into the caverns. Eventually Mi-shall felt the pull of her own crystal but rejected Ahsoka offer of accompaniment, deciding to trust in the Force to guide her path, which made Ahsoka feel guilty about scratching marks to guide her path. Did that make her less of a jedi for not trusting in the Force?

And still Ahsoka felt no pull from a crystal.

Hours later, and the cold had truly set in Ahsoka. She could swear she couldn't feel her fingers, toes, or lekku, let alone a call from the Force . Sometimes she heard Mi-shall and sometimes Dax, but she was never quite sure where they were. The caves echoed terribly. Eventually she did come across Dax, who had been calling for help for some time.

"Oh great, it's you." Dax said from a pile of rocks.

Ahsoka ran over to see what was the matter, choosing to ignore Dax's derision. "What's wrong?"

"Another cave fall. My leg is trapped."

"Can I help?" she asked, remembering Mi-shall's advice.

"I guess," Dax replied glumly. Freeing her was pretty easy but once the rocks were removed, it was pretty obvious Dax was hurt and couldn't walk very well by herself.

"Did you find your crystal?" Ahsoka asked Dax, trying to calculate how much time had passed and if she'd have enough to get Dax to the entrance and be able to return to search for her own crystal. She guessed it would be tight, if she had any time.

"Yes," Dax replied, holding it up.

Ahsoka chewed her lip in thought, but who was she kidding? "Let's get you out of here then."

They made it to the entrance just as the ice was closing in, the sight destroying any chance Ahsoka had of running back to search farther. Taking a calming breath, she helped Dax to stand before masters Yoda and Plo Koon, and a waiting Mi-shall. Ahsoka told herself she could always come back next season to find a crystal.

"All have returned," Plo said with solemnity and gestured to all three. "Show us your crystals."

Mi-shall and Dax showed theirs but Ahsoka shook her head. "I didn't find one. I failed."

"Failed have you? Hmm? Failure is it, to help a fellow jedi? Dax I think would argue for success, yes?" Yoda replied, looking from Ahsoka to Dax, who nodded with more friendliness than Ahsoka had ever expected. "And Mi-shall, how came you to be here?"

"I was lost in the caves, I must admit. Then I found the marks Ahsoka had been making to guide our paths. I followed them."

"Two jedi helped? Failure this is?"

"But I failed to find my crystal."

"Hmm...interesting. Hard is the life of a jedi. Always the galaxy will demand attention. Always there are things we think we need, out there. In the stars, in another's hands," Yoda continued, pacing about as he spoke. Then he stopped and poked Ahsoka's clenched fist, the one which held the permafrost piece she'd been marking the walls with, "When often what we need is right in our hands."

As Ahsoka opened her hand, light caught her kyber crystal and it began to glow.

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Month's after the battle of Endor, Luke felt a pull in the Force. It started small, a barely preceptible itch that would occur whenever he looked at star charts from certain areas of the galaxy, but soon built to a solid pull in his mind. He didn't know what was pulling him and he didn't know what was out there, but he knew he had to find out.

What he found was a dead world. Planes of sands melted to glass. Ruins of some forgotten temple, destroyed long ago. But still nothing that seemed to pull him until the second day when he saw an avian life form, a corvos, which lead him to a hidden canon. Within the canon, life flourished. Plants crowded the walls, abundant with small life forms.

Mystified, he explored the canon until he found a shack, a door to a cave really. Within, he found the mummified body of a togruta and within her hands, a book. Taking the book, he opened the pages to read, "In memory of my Master. That the hero he was is not forgotten."

Reading further, he found stories. First person accounts of Anakin Skywalker as told by his padawan.
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Ahsoka has been itching to leave the refugee camp for sometime now. At first she was concerned at the urge, thinking she was suddenly adverse to hard work. She'd never been one to do this and while the work here was boring and rarely involved a fight, she still did the work that needed doing. She was not a slacker.

And she had been doing great things here.

She managed to turn the gangs that were harassing the refugees into a local policing force. (Who knew all they had wanted was some control over their situation?)

She had helped to guard and organize pastures for the nerfs which would ease the problems with hunger the refugees were suffering.

She had helped to clean the infirmary tents and arranged teams to help keep them clean, which resulted in secondary infections to be dramatically reduced.

She even taught the kids a bunch of games and sports from other systems, which gave them something to do. There was even mention of starting competitions with other camps on the planet.

And most amazingly to her, she had done it all with very few fights. Getting things done without fights is possible—she knew this—but it had never been her way. She wasn't Padmé or Master Kenobi. She wasn't good at negotiating and getting people to work together, and yet she had done it.

Which had been just what she had needed.

After losing the Council's trust, she had doubted herself. She had come here to help some of the people most harmed by the war. She had done this but she had also learned that she could trust herself. A very important lesson for her.

No, the urge to leave was something out of character for her and eventually she figured out it was the Force pulling her back out into the galaxy. She didn't know where it would take her, but she would follow its lead. It was time for her to leave. 
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 The weight of her lightsabers felt good to Ahsoka but as the day moved on and her rendezvous with Asajj approached, somehow they began to feel more and more like a burden. Grabbing a bench at one of the public parks, she took the sabers off her belt and studied them, trying to parse out why they were feeling wrong. Eventually, she decided she wasn't ready to wear them again and so headed to a delivery service. She boxed them up and sealed the package to be delivered to Master Sinube and included a note:
I don't wish to seem ungrateful for your gift but I do not think I am ready to carry these yet. I need to walk my own path, without the Order. I must find my future as myself, with no ties to the past. To carry these would be to carry my past. Would you mind keeping them safe for me until I am ready for them?

She paid for the delivery then and headed outside. It was just about time to meet with Asajj but her note to Master Sinube made her realize she should leave messages for Anakin and Master Kenobi, as well. Once that is done, it's finally time to meet Asajj and move on.
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They sat facing each other across the table; Barriss waiting politely while Ahsoka searched her thoughts. Ahsoka wasn't quite sure why she had to see Barriss once more before she left Coruscant, she just knew she did. Still seeing the friend who set you up to take the fall for their actions hurt.

"Why?" She finally asked.

"I thought I had expressed my reasons quite clearly in my confession," Barriss replied calmly.

"That's not what I meant. Why me? Why did you frame me?"

"Ah. Yes, I own you that much," Barriss replied with a slight smile. "Truthfully, I have asked myself this many times. Opportunity, at first, but there was more to it. I wanted you to see what I did, that the Order is corrupt." She paused long enough to glance at Ahsoka's missing padawan beads. "Perhaps I wanted you to be the one that stopped me as well. My only regret in this was using you. We were friends once and even now I respect you as I respect no others."

Ahsoka was surprised to find she had no anger for Barriss. Disappointment and sorrow, but no anger. "I cannot condone what you have done. You have taken the lives of innocents. Still, I hope you find peace as you pay the price for your actions. Far well, friend."

"I hope you find peace as well, Ahsoka. Where ever your path takes you."
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After discussing matters with Asajj, and getting her price for helping, Ahsoka had arrangements and calls to make. Truthfully, she wished the bounty hunter had just taken her credits, though she had few enough of those. Reaching out to anyone in the Jedi Temple was like touching a fresh wound for her and she wasn't sure she was ready.

Her first call was to Senator Padmé, her old friend. At least, Ahsoka hoped she was still a friend. Walking out on the Temple could be seen as turning her back on the Republic, though she didn't see it that way. Fortunately, Padmé didn't either and was more than happy to give Ahsoka the names of several planets that were being used for refuge camps when she expressed her interest in traveling there and lending a hand. In fact, the senator even commended Ahsoka on her intentions and was certain to express her support of Ahsoka's decision to leave the Jedi Order after they had expelled her for political expediency. She also mentioned that Anakin and Obi-Wan were both offworld, which was a tremendous relief to Ahsoka, though it limited her options on whom to speak with to inquire about Asajj's lightsabers and helmet.

Eventually she remembered Master Sinube and how helpful and discreet he had been when she had lost her own lightsaber to a pickpocket years ago. He proved not only in the Temple but willing to look into the matter for her. She had barely begun to hope she might get somewhere when he called her back to arrange a time and place to meet.

Two hours later, Ahsoka sat at a caf shop and tried to be patient. Jedis did things in their own time and non more so than Master Sinube. Finally she saw him approach in his slow, deliberate way. She rose with a wistful smile. "Master Sinube, thank you so much for your help."

"Sit Ahsoka, sit," he replied with his own smile, pulling his shoulder bag forward and onto the table. "It is good to see you child."

"And it is good to see you as well, Master. Would you like some caf?"

"No, not today. I have matters to attend to. I was able to retrieve the items you requested. Neither were being held for any purpose but storage and so here they are. I've a surprise for you as well. Your own sabers were recovered and I thought you might like them back." And so saying, he pulled out several boxes from his bag and passed one over to her.

Ahsoka reached forward to accept the package and opened it to find her two sabers. She had to blink away a tear or two at his kindness and took another moment to find her voice. "Thank you, Master. This means a lot to me."

Sinube just smiled in return. "A jedi needs her sabers."

"But, Master, I am not a jedi any longer."

"Bantha druk," the old master said so casually that Ahsoka snickered. Pointing to his chest, at his heart, he continued, "To be a jedi comes from here. Before the Order, there were jedi and without the Order, there are jedi. If you believe you are jedi and act as a jedi, jedi you are."

She didn't know what to say to that, so she reached for the other package, the one holding Asajj's sabers and opened the box to find not two sabers, but three. "Master?"

"Ah, and my gift for..." he started to say before looking about, "your friend."

"I don't understand, whose saber is this?"

 "There was a jedi who was lost to us many years ago. He was an old friend of mine, named Ky Narec, but the Order never fit well with him. He liked to be out in the galaxy, especially wild space and the outer rim. Where chaos was, and where he could bring order. He met his death there but not before he found a young female to train. She was lost as well when he died but maybe she can be found again."

"Master, I don't think..."

"Just give it to her. Humor an old jedi and help him honor an old friend."

"As you wish, Master."

"And if you see your old master, Obi-Wan, thank him again, for me, for recovering that lightsaber. I know we jedi aren't supposed to have any material attachments, but I was never a very good jedi." Sinube added as he struggled to stand. "Farewell, Jedi Ahsoka. The Council lost a part of itself in losing you. May the Force walk with you, where ever you go, and maybe bring you back to us."

"May the Force be with you, Master." Ahsoka said, standing herself and placing her sabers on her belt where they belonged. She watched him make his way for a moment or two before heading off the other way, the weight of her sabers lifting her heart as she started her path.
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It took Ahsoka fourteen months to get off of Coruscant. She had had some credits when she left the Jedi Order but not enough to buy her passage off world and so she had worked whatever jobs she could find to raise the funds to leave. She worked at cantinas, she collected refuse, she ran errands, anything. Well, nearly anything. She avoided bounty hunting as much as she was able since she couldn't be sure if those wearing prices on their heads really deserved the bounty.

She, also, could have left sooner had she not given credits to those who were less fortunate than her. Yes, she needed those credits but she refused to let her experiences harden her heart. She saw what happened to those who allowed that to happen. She may not be a jedi any longer but she would still serve whenever she could. She would just serve the people rather than the Republic.

Ultimately, it was Asajj who got her off world, as well as teaching her ways to survive without the Order to provide. The lessons were hard and Ahsoka had to be vigilant to not lose herself, but she learned and soon enough thrived.
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